USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
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WELCOME TO USUN Company Overview

Thank you for visiting our Website. We value your time, and would start with a brief Self-Introduction as concise as we can:

Our Mission: Long Term Sustainable Supply of unique chemical raw materials, intermediates and active ingredients for Industrial Purposes with regulatory compliance.

History: We were founded in 1996 and have been serving consistently with growing sites & unchanged mission. (Details see Our History)

Services include:
• Sales of our Catalogue Products (see our Products Lists)
• Custom Manufacturing (at Commercial, Pilots and Kilos scales) based on production processes either provided by our clients, or developed by ourselves;
• Sourcing from China Products, Technologies, Production Capabilities or Related Services with QA & EHS Compliance;
• Professional management for the International Supply of Specialty Chemicals (ISO-Tanks with special coating, Refrigerated FCLs, Pre-shipment QC, etc);

Capabilities: cGMP Regulatory Starting Materials production in Haimen & cGMP intermediates & API production at partner-sites (Details see Production Capabilites); R&D in Nanjing and Haimen, all labs air-conditioned with automatic air-flow control (Details see R&D Capabilities); “Top of the rank” HPLCs (Waters & Agilent, Auto Injections + Photo-diode array) and GCs (Agilent, Auto Injection), (Details see Analytical Capabilities); Self-developed database assuring fast & accurate Sourcing Capabilities. All our sites are within 2 hours travel from Shanghai, the largest port of China. (Details see: Sites and Locations)

What makes us serve you better: Kindly see Our Unique Strength.

QA & EHS: Our Quality Assurance is founded upon Q7A principles, and our EHS complies with all the prevailing laws and regulations in China, as well as the conventional expectations from the international societies.

Our Leadership: Diverse expertise combined, with deep understanding about Western Business Culture, Chinese Markets and Industries, Production, Engineering and Chemistry.

Our Team: Long Term Oriented, Dedicated Professionals. Many has been with us since our beginning, most are spending their longest period in career with us.

Our Work Ethic: We deeply aware that every job is in general a replaceable link of the value chain of someone else, therefore we strive to maintain true partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees, by realizing excellence and bringing best value to those whom we work with, on basis of Honesty, Honor, Responsibility, Respect, Simplicity and Professionalism. We are willing and used to work with “Open Book Policy” under CDA/MSA.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility: We embrace all the principles of The Global Compact, with written commitments, SOPs and action. We measure our success by the well being of our employees and their families, our communities, customers and suppliers, and with every effort big or small, strive to make the world a better place.

Human Trafficking and Slavery policy

1)Our company fully respects the individual rights and employment freedom of every employee, and promises to ensure that our company and our supply chain are fair and just in the employment process, and strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations;

2)Our company is specialized in the development and trade of chemical products, and operates in the people's Republic of China;

3)Our company strictly forbids all behaviors of forced labor, including but not limited to: using child labor, detaining employees' travel documents, employing a third party to recruit employees for our company, etc;

4)The HR department of our company is responsible for the implementation of this policy;

5)The HR department of our company is responsible for providing training for the personnel of our purchasing department, so as to avoid purchasing products from suppliers who violate the principles of this policy, and incorporate this policy principle into the audit conditions of qualified suppliers;

6)All members of our HR department must fully understand and seriously implement the company's policies, and ensure that all members of our company are aware of this policy and their rights through induction training and daily training.

Hope you find this website helpful, and please always feel free to get in touch with us by any means anytime, there is so much more beyond a website can tell.

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